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Friday, September 28, 2007
Slight Misinterpretation

Bloggers have recently noticed, a web site in which police officers write in and complain when other cops give them, or their families, traffic tickets. All of the "offending" job-doers are identified by name and location in a way that's not at all threatening. One entry in particular got a lot of attention -- emphasis added:
I really didn't mind the ticket once I knew I was getting one. I've written thousands and is it really that bad?? The thing that bothers me is 1) she showed no respect for me. All the years I have worked, the different units I've been on, the shitheads that I have arrested didn't mean squat to her. I've given breaks before for people doing 19 miles over the limit. I have even let one go for doing 150+ on LSD. She didn't know this and that's the whole idea! She should have given me the break knowing that I go out there everyday and risk my life. I wouldn't have given her a ticket! 2) Now as a training instructor, she was is the danger zone. She wasn't paying any attention to what was going on. She was just writing the ticket. She looked to be well over retirement age and probably was just sticking around to get those few more percents on her pension. She didn't even see my duty weapon.. :( In plain view...
Wow...that's some serious professional courtesy! Unfortunately for my first interpretation, there's a clue to the real meaning in a previous paragraph:
I then realized that I was getting a ticket. After stopping hundreds of cops on Lake Shore Drive, some state, I was getting a ticket. free acid trip. Just a free ride at 150 MPH.

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